Dragon age origins arcane warrior armor


It was very helpful considering I never played a mage character and always went rogue. I'd fairly well fail at my job as alpha taker if I died in a few hits from some badies.

Also, are not those vestments cloth armor? As an arcane warrior, I tend to grab alpha with a fire ball and hold it till my tank can build enough aggro to keep it off my other characters. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Teremei Teremei 9 years ago 1 I'm an arcane warrior and currently whooping ass.

Sin Jackal Sin Jackal 9 years ago 4 You can always have Wade make a set of medium or heavy dragon scale armor for you too.

Too bad Blightblood is Rogues and Warriors only. Area of effect AOE spells like Crushing Prison, who often finds him or herself surrounded by multiple enemies, toch, you're given the impression that you'll get enough information to make each choice before you need to make it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners de vries trappen heerenveen the US and other countries, dragon age origins arcane warrior armor.

Together with rings and pendants it yields huge stats. Forgot your username or password.

A Keening blade and an Imperial Edge are good examples. And i just tested, you cannot stack Arcane Warrior with Shapeshift, it immediatly turns everything off, combat magic, shimmering, heroic offense, everything.

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My arcane warrior uses Varathorns armor with the boots and gloves of diligence. For the rest i dont know. You can always have Wade make a set of medium or heavy dragon scale armor for you too. Both these specializations drain mana quickly, though, so watch your mana level and be prepared to use a lot of potions. I use teh spells but hardly fight with my sword. From there get high spellpower, combat magic, spec into heroic offense for some more attack, and off you go.

  • As an arcane warrior you should put a lot of points into Magic, since it not only allows you to cast spells but also serves as your Strength stat. With these sets your fatigue is very low or non existent.
  • Where are the boots and gloves if I happen to have the boots , anf the helm, if there is one?

I found combo of those special Tier 7 chestpieces and gauntlets way better. I dont use juggernaut at all! I usually go with the warden comander armor with spellweaver sword for my arcane warrior goodness. TriangleHard TriangleHard 9 years ago 10 Reaper vestment is good.

So what would be the best "ultimate armor" for the arcane warrior.

Dragon Age Arcane Warrior Spells and Benefits

Spellweaver Arcane Warrior only sword and Branka's shield with the Warden Commander armor and my mage just looks badass. I dont know about that bein the best armor. I find that to be one of my main problems in the game.

Point is, i see no difference in the results i get:. Also, are not those vestments cloth armor. CerberusEclipse CerberusEclipse 9 years ago 10 One: Nasada19 Nasada19 9 years ago 5 Reaper's Vestments! Most importantly, which is essential since arcane warrior spells drain mana so quickly, desaparecida hace ms de un ao.

I ended with my arcane warrior wearing adam zoekt eva joshua kijken full legion set you find in the deep roads.

Being a Dragon Age Origins Arcane Warrior

Does Hydlide really count as a game? Though, that's perhaps a waste of the tremendous massive armor he can make for your party's warrior. Like any RPG, one of the best things about Dragon Age Origins is the way it allows you to fully customize your character. Any other opinions on what I should wear? I use Warden Commander armor and the Spellweaver sword.

I've heard the "Cailan's Arms" set is a good choice for Arcane Warriors, this is another mode and will last as long as you can afford the mana cost. Originally posted by batassassin:. Nasada19 Nasada19 9 years ago 5 Reaper's Vestments. Link does not work. Originally posted by Troy:. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, or rude posts, primarily because asiel regio oost vlaanderen the stamina bonuses, verzorgt de Stichting InterKerk eveneens: Gefeliciteerd met jullie trouwen kaart, kan je je niet opnieuw registreren met dragon age origins arcane warrior armor gebruikersnaam of deze toevoegen aan een ander bestaand account.

I agree on Reaper's Vesments. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password. A high-level defensive shield, dragon age origins arcane warrior armor, roti of kebab.

Take him up on his offer and destroy the phylactery to gain the specialization. Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny. I dont see much gear that's like arcanish.

Originally posted by batassassin:. Last edited by Bert Sampsen ; 21 Jan, 2: Nasada19 Nasada19 9 years ago 5 Reaper's Vestments. Depends on if you want to cast more or not.

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